hmm363-aHMM-363 Reunion Organization BACKGROUND: At the USMC/COMBAT HELICOPTER ASSOCIATION “Popasmoke” Reunions most all of the Helicopter Squadrons that served in Vietnam generally arrange for a “Squadron Hooch” whereby those squadron attendees would have a place to gather and socialize with fellow Marines they served with in their squadron in Vietnam and their guests. While the “Popasmoke” reunion is held every two years, we started to have our own “HMM-363” Reunion on the off years from Popasmoke many years ago. ORGANIZATION: Our Reunion Committee consists of a corresponding secretary, treasurer, several advisors. In addition, we usually have someone close to where we are holding a reunion assist in arranging any local activities for our attendees and their guests to take part in. Our webmaster is instrumental in posting reunion information online. FUNDING: Any and all activities related specifically to HMM-363 are fully funded by attendees. There are no membership fees. Nor do we solicit donations as our purpose is only to coordinate any and all activities specific to HMM-363 at both the Popasmoke Reunion and our Squadron Reunions. We are not a “for-profit” organization as we only maintain monies in our checking account to help pre-pay for any arrangements directly related to a Reunion. These are minimal funds that went unused from any earlier reunions. Respectively,                                                               Respectively, Tom Rodriguez                                                           Wayne Fischer Corresponding Secretary                                         Reunion Treasurer Judith Ruzicska                                                           Ray Mazur Webmaster                                                                  Reunion Advisor Bob Burnham                                                               Dennis Martin, Sr. Reunion Advisor                                                         Reunion Advisor

In honor of the "Esprit De Corps" of the Marines and Corpsman who served together as "LUCKY RED LIONS" with HMM-363 (Helicopter Marine Medium–Squadron 363) since its activation on 02 June 1951.